Incredible Custom Design Elements

Hand-picked granite, old Chicago brick, flagstone, travertine & cypress...
Here is a sneak peek at an incredible assortment of high-end design elements combined to create a striking, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted outdoor kitchen.  From book-matched granite to hand-milled local Cypress great attention is in the details. We at Revival Timberworks work closely with our client to give them what they want, a backyard living space they can share with their family and friends. For entertaining or purely relaxing, when said and done this space will be all of that and more.

A Dutch Gable Pavilion

A fresh new RT custom design. We are working closely with the customer to wrap up all the final design decisions, making their dreams their backyard reality. Think Brazilian granite and old St. Louis brick.

Featuring our new Lean-to Pavilion

This is our new Lean-to Pavilion design available with many customizable options.

 The lap joint seen below is our most simple straight lap.

 The stain and sealer on this project is a 5 year acrylic outdoor sealer with a natural color.

These are our simple but elegant shaker style knee braces.

Pictured below is our exclusive floating post detail which allows the post to breath increasing durability and lifespan.

We hand fit every joint to ensure the best fit possible. Below you can see a tightly fitted straight lap,  three braces and a girt falling into the center post. A total of 18 joinery components must be prepared for this one section of the frame.

As you can see the rafter ends are cut straight on this project along with the headers.  These straight cuts can be upgraded to any of our custom profiles to fit your style. 

This is our solid wood v-groove decking with a coat of water sealer applied. It makes a nice contrast to the stained rafters and the sealer really brings out the beautiful colors and grain of the cypress.

 The custom brick pillars made for this project are a match to the one present on their front porch. Pillars are a great addition to any wood structure because they keep rain from splashing on the bottoms of the posts and make an attractive transition into the pavers we usually use for our floors. 

A big thanks to Chap from Edenscapes and Mr. and Mrs. Rabalais for their support in making this design come to life.

The final touches

This is a long overdue post on one of my favorite projects to date. A pavilion and roofed pergola built for Mr. and Mrs. Hukins complete with landscaping and pool.

Copper gutters and rain chains with scroll brackets

The custom cypress gate made with 3" thick slabs feels like a castle door when you open it. Gas lanterns light the entryway at night

Water fountains with fire in the middle really add to the pool.

This corner turned into one of my favorite spots as the project took shape.

A river rock drainage trench catches water from the rain chains and diverts it to the landscape.

We used a white tadelakt plaster to make a transition from new brick to old brick.

A big thanks goes out to all those that helped make this project so amazing.

Lime plaster

Lime is one of the most ancient, versatile materials available. The variety of textures, colors and finishes that can be achieved with lime plasters is practically infinite. Below are some of my favorites we have done to date. Lime plaster gives a feeling of life to a space and is completely nontoxic. It actually improves the air quality of the spaces where it is used rather than being a detriment like most modern finishes.

This is a black lime plaster with an olive soap sealer applied after the plaster cured. Olive soap has a pleasant odor and silky smooth feeling.

This is a turquoise tadelakt. The aggregate used in this plaster is a super fine marble dust. Olive soap is introduced during the curing stage and the plaster is burnished producing a hard, waterproof finish.

This is a bone colored plaster meant to have an aged appearance.  Controlled cracking can be created by varying the amount of aggregate in the mix.

 Multiple layers of different colors can be built up to give the illusion of age also.

This is a white tadelakt with a garnet aggregate. This was done on an exterior partition wall. The garnet shows up very nicely in the sunlight.

I hope this selection inspires you to look into this amazing material and consider using it in future projects.

cypress table

This is a custom cypress dining table made for the Gary family. It is always such a pleasure working for good people.

I made the top out of book matched pieces of cypress cut from 4x6 beams that I have been drying for a couple of years. Book matched means you cut the beam in half and open it like a book creating symmetrical grain patterns.

We finished it with nontoxic shellac in their carport with kids running around asking questions. I really enjoyed hanging out with them and making this beautiful piece of furniture for this beautiful family.

Office Interior

This is Morvant Chiropractic Clinic here in Lafayette, LA on the College Point right across from the ULL athletic complex where Bertrand and College split. Dr. Jim Morvant has been in continuous operation for about thirty years bringing relief to local Acadiana residents myself included and yes, he is my Dad, my greatest supporter and my best salesman.

Console table at entryway made from reclaimed waste material.

We custom made this 16' x 11' reception desk specially for this space. We opened up the wall containing the typical sliding frosted glass window you see in doctor's offices and replaced it with a demi-wall and this giant beauty. The mahogany border and miter inlay really give this piece a refined feel.
My father is not only a great chiropractor he's a very talented craftsman as well. 
(photos taken with an ipad)


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