Lime plaster

Lime is one of the most ancient, versatile materials available. The variety of textures, colors and finishes that can be achieved with lime plasters is practically infinite. Below are some of my favorites we have done to date. Lime plaster gives a feeling of life to a space and is completely nontoxic. It actually improves the air quality of the spaces where it is used rather than being a detriment like most modern finishes.

This is a black lime plaster with an olive soap sealer applied after the plaster cured. Olive soap has a pleasant odor and silky smooth feeling.

This is a turquoise tadelakt. The aggregate used in this plaster is a super fine marble dust. Olive soap is introduced during the curing stage and the plaster is burnished producing a hard, waterproof finish.

This is a bone colored plaster meant to have an aged appearance.  Controlled cracking can be created by varying the amount of aggregate in the mix.

 Multiple layers of different colors can be built up to give the illusion of age also.

This is a white tadelakt with a garnet aggregate. This was done on an exterior partition wall. The garnet shows up very nicely in the sunlight.

I hope this selection inspires you to look into this amazing material and consider using it in future projects.


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