Our Story

I am a young craftsman who began working in cabinet shops around the Lafayette area. I have studied guitar making with Luthier Serge Michaud in Quebec. I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Clyde Poche restoring antiques. I constructed furniture by hand while attending an apprenticeship with Luthier Jules Saint-Michel in Montreal. During my years of traveling I spent as much time as possible studying timber frames across the eastern seaboard. I was lucky enough to have the chance to closely study many long standing, well preserved buildings from the massive barns and small sugar cabins of the country to the 400 year old timber and stone buildings of Quebec City. From these voyages I have become passionate for the quality, tradition, strength, & precision of the this ancient way of building. Currently I am living in Lafayette and working to offer the superior option of the timber frame-building vernacular to local residents. I strive to combine the ancient building techniques of timber framing with the modern, beneficial green building techniques. Building for our future.


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