Office Interior

This is Morvant Chiropractic Clinic here in Lafayette, LA on the College Point right across from the ULL athletic complex where Bertrand and College split. Dr. Jim Morvant has been in continuous operation for about thirty years bringing relief to local Acadiana residents myself included and yes, he is my Dad, my greatest supporter and my best salesman.

Console table at entryway made from reclaimed waste material.

We custom made this 16' x 11' reception desk specially for this space. We opened up the wall containing the typical sliding frosted glass window you see in doctor's offices and replaced it with a demi-wall and this giant beauty. The mahogany border and miter inlay really give this piece a refined feel.
My father is not only a great chiropractor he's a very talented craftsman as well. 
(photos taken with an ipad)


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